Hey! Over Here!

Hey there! Thanks for finding your way to my site.

I don’t know what’s brought you here, but I am glad you’re here. You’ll find a number of different sections. Some will be rather straight forward, while others might have different themes running through them. What I am trying to do in each post is start a conversation. So if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

photo of men having conversation
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Here’s what’s in each section. In “Inside the Mind of J.F. Ethan Rose,” you’ll find a general summary of who I am, what I love, and other “About Me” kinds of things. “Reality Rethought” is a blog devoted to thinking about what a new epistemic age might look like post-postmodernism. “Untimely Thinking” posts are devoted more to my thoughts about a wide variety of subjects and topics. “The Mind in a Glass Jar” is specifically geared towards my personal struggle with mental illness as well as what I’ve learned about mental health through the struggle. “Poems” is a collection of my poetry, and “Contact” allows you to get in touch with me.

If you want to let me know your thoughts through the “Contact” page, or you can comment on individual posts, that would be great! I can’t promise that I’ll respond to every comment, but I will try to do so if your comment is thought-provoking or asks a question.

May you find something helpful here!

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